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Here are a few links that will provide you with a wealth of information about mediation and, if you are going through divorce, about divorce as well.

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Advice for Single parents

How to Buy a Home as a Single Parent: Loans, Grants & Support Resources
Helping Preteens and Adolescents Adjust to Divorce
9 Budgeting Strategies for Single Parents
Tips for Talking to Your Kids About the Fact That You're Dating
What Your Child is Experiencing When You Remarry
How Do I Co-Parent When My Kids Live in Another State?

Parenting after divorce

psychcentral.com Respect your childs boundaries during and after divorce
www.moneycrashers.com Financial hardship after divorced
www.homeadvisor.com Solo females and home safety
www.rosen.com Parenting across states.
www.wickihow.com How to talk with kids about an absent parent
www.illinoislawforyopu.com Dating after divorce.
www.tuck.com How divorce affects sleep.
divorcehelp.com The site offers articles, a directory of divorce professionals (by state and county), and more.
divorceinfo.com A rich site which gives at least some information about any sub-topic connected with divorce.
divorcemag.com A magazine devoted to the topic of divorce, is distributed in hard copy and on the net. It is printed in Canada, but has magazine issues that focus on a few U.S. states - including IL, CA and NY. It addresses also generic issues that apply anywhere in North America.
divorcesource.com A large and rich site with many articles, and links to many topics, plus resources in different states. Recommend you give it a visit.
mediate.com Information about mediation, and 'locate a mediator' section.
millenniumdivorce.com A large informative site that provides complete information on many of the confusing legal and practical issues of divorce, separation, custody child support and more. The site offers a FREE biweekly newsletter that contains information on divorce and separation law, and how you can protect your rights before, during, and after a divorce or separation.
makinglemonade.com This link is devoted to issues and concerns of single parents. It offers articles, resources, apartment and job searches, and more.
divorcenet.com An extensive divorce oriented website run by lawyers which offers many articles and listings of attorneys and mediators.
to-agree.com Site of the Mediation Center is a good source for articles regarding divorce.

Job and Financial S.O.S. Links:

thebalance.com Excellent resource about dividing retirement accounts in divorce
lsc.gov Legal Services Corp - For low income individuals needing legal aid.
divorcesurvivalguide.com Website dedicated to the proposition that surviving a divorce can be a gateway to a fuller and richer life.
jobbankusa.com JobBank USA - specializes in providing career information including job and resume database services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms in the U.S. and worldwide.
wife.org Tips and Resources about money, taxes and divorce.

Mental Health

alcoholrehabhelp.org Alcohol addiction info and help
damorementalhealth.com Cutting, self-harm signs and treatment
psychcentral.com Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction

Sources of General Infomation

Books and tapes on divorce, which you browse and can purchase directly on site.
Divorce and Divorce Professionals You may browse a selection by visiting the MASS section of Divorce Source.
relationshiptalk.net Affairs and Romance - Discuss and share thoughts on any personal problem whatsoever.


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DivorceLinks.com State and Federal Divorce Law Directory Center.
proactive-coach.com/divorce American Responsible Divorce Network for marriage and relationship coaching.
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