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Mediation for Family Business.

Family businesses often experience a host of problems as the parents and founders age, the children become adults and have spouses and children of their own. Questions arise about who can work in the business, how and when should the elder generation retire from the business, who should be appointed to take their place.

Family roles and relationships may clash with workplace roles and relationships. These are often complex and emotionally tense situations. It can be devastating when these issues degenerate into court cases. Family members fighting family members. Ultimately, the business suffers, as does the family.

Typical Issues

  • "Change of Guard" issues
  • Sibling rivalries
  • Family members v. professional employees
  • Compensation questions
  • Promotion dilemmas
  • Business - client disputes
  • Business to business disputes


A professional mediator will employ mediation and/or facilitation to help family members and business employees sort out their disagreements.

Facilitation is a great way to help the family make a plan for generational transition. The goal is to achieve an agreement that addresses people's concerns, while preserving and advancing the interests of the business.