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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce is one of the toughest life experiences people can go through. It is painful and confusing, but it need not be destructive to the children and the parties going forward.
It really depends on what route the parties take to divorce.

A mediator will help you through this process in a decent way, preserving your dignity and a sense of positive possibilities in the future. Mediation is confidential, all information is shared between the parties and you make decisions about your future life, rather than having attorneys and a judge do that for you.

The issues in divorce are highly emotional but instead of the formal, and intimidating environment of the divorce court, people work through their problems in an informal and private place. All issues are covered including custody, child support, alimony and dision of assets and liabilities.

Mediation saves you thousands of dollars and does not drag on and on as it does in the courts. In mediation the positive elements of your relationship are preserved, and you develop collaborative modes of relating to each other. In fact, after an initial transitional period, most parties get along better during the mediation and feel happier after the divorce (including the party who did not want it in the first place).

Other Advantages

  • Divorce mediation is much less costly than litigation
  • The process ends much faster.
  • The divorce mediation process is collaborative, despite all
  • The couple retains control; you make the decisions
  • Divorce mediation is the best way for the children
  • The whole experience is less traumatic for all concerned