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What is the Cost of Mediation?

The cost of mediation depends mostly on how long it takes. The hourly fee affects the total cost, of course, but it is less significant than the following critical factors:

One: how simple vs. complex the issues are (for instance, owning a business tends ot add complexity to divorce mediation).

Two: the ability of the parties to make decisions (for instance, some individuals have a hard time staying with a decision they've made).

Three: the number of Parties involved in the situation, the greater the number of people (as in family mediation or conflict between teams in the workplace) the more voices and points of view, the longer it is likely to take and the cost can go up.

Four: number of professionals involved in the process. More professionals = more cost. Sometimes it is a good idea for parties to consult with financial advisors or consulting attorneys in the background of mediation. That does not increase the cost of the mediation, but increases the overall cost of whatever process they are going through.

It is generally a good idea to have the product of divorce mediation - the Memorandum of Agreement - reviewed by an attorney. This can add maybe $1,000-1,500 to the total cost of the divorce process.

Interpeople's hourly fees for different types of mediation:

Divorce mediation $220-300 /hour, depending on gross household income.
Marital mediation $240 /hour.
Family mediation $240 /hour, divided among participants.
Workplace mediation $300 /hour. Non-profit organizations get 10% off.

Typical Cost of Divorce Mediation

The typical cost of divorce mediation depends on circumstances. The numbers below apply to most cases, but could end up higher or lower. They represent typical total cost for both parties altogether:


A study, featured in the July 2005 issue of Money Magazine, reported:

Average divorce mediation $3,000-10,000
Collaborative law divorce $16,000
Traditional attorneys' negotiation $35,000
For divorce trial a minimum of $20,000-$50,000

Elsewhere, in an online article by Brian James, it is noted:
"In 2005, the average mediated case cost $3000 and was settled in 90 days. In turn, the average litigated case in the courts cost $15,000 and took 18 months to settle. Keep in mind, the litigated cases led to more spite and frustration between the divorcing couples, usually leading to a lose/lose situation for both,"