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Mediation for Business

Most business disputes, whether they are within the business or business-client or business-business, can be resolved in mediation - faster, cheaper and in a constructive way.

85-90% of disputes are mediated successfully! The advantages of business mediation over litigation in cost, time and aggravation are immeasurable.

When Should You Mediate a Business Dispute?

  • The parties in the dispute wish to resolve their differences.
  • A personal / working relationship exists, that the sides would like to preserve or reestablish, as they resolve their dispute.
  • If time is a factor and both sides seek quick resolution - within days/weeks, rather than months or years.
  • When confidentiality / privacy are important concerns for at least one party: the issues are sensitive or secret, and one or more party's reputation can be damaged by public exposure.
  • When the chances of winning in court are uncertain at best.
  • If there isn't an enormous disparity in power - wealth - influence - education - between the sides.
  • When the parties wish to determine the outcome of the dispute themselves, rather than relinquish control to lawyers and a judge.
  • When the cost of litigation is likely to be very high compared to what either side can recover or save through litigation.
  • When the parties feel they will have a hard time dealing with the tension and anxiety associated with a legal fight.