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Dr Thomson has mediated about 1000 cases
including about 750 divorce cases

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Shuneet Thomson, PhD
Founder / Mediator, Interpeople Inc. Mediation

Dr. Thomson earned a 1994 PhD in social psychology from Boston College, specializing in intergroup relations and conflict resolution.
With a multicultural background (England, India, Israel, and finally the United States since 1981) and many years of experience in health care and health administration, Dr. Thomson brings special insight to mediation.

Interpeople Inc. Dr. Thomson has been a mediator since 1988. In 1996, she founded Interpeople Inc as a company that offers conflict resolution services, training and coaching in dispute management for families and the workplace. Interpeople's primary office is in Littleton, MA, and its secondary office is in Arlington, MA. Since 2005 and during the years in which the Boston Business Journal had an ADR list in its Book of Lists, Interpeople Inc. was listed every year among the top 25 dispute resolution companies in the Boston area.

Mediator and Facilitator
Dr. Thomson has mediated hundreds of cases in the courts, and through Interpeople Inc. Cases included small claims, stepfamily disputes, landlord-tenant cases, workplace disputes and hundreds of divorce cases.

In the workplace
Starting in 1999, Dr. Thomson served for a few years on the Justice Department panel for ADA cases through the Keybridge Foundation. She has mediated workplace disputes in Massachusetts companies, in New York City and abroad. Workshops were conducted in public settings (such as Boston City Hall) and in private settings (such as Houghton Mifflin Co. & Zeraim Inc.).

Between 2011 & 2013, Dr. Thomson offered a course on Organizational Conflict as Adjunct Professor in Clark University.

Trainer, Public speaker
Dr. Thomson is an experienced public speaker: trained with the New England Speakers' Association, and known for a dynamic and humorous style of presentation and training.

Professional associations